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American Dad Fans

"Dimmer switch! What, too fabulous?"

American Dad
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A Community for all things American Dad!


Welcome to the American Dad Fans community! This is the place for all of the fans to come and hang out, talk about the show and just have fun! The community was originally started in 2004 by LJ user 'chrs', but since 2012 the community has been inactive and the original creator seems to have left LJ. So American Dad Fans now has a new maintainer to hopefully get this place back on its feet. The user in question is housejackbuilt1 Any questions or concerns, please PM her. Have fun here, that's the main thing!


- Keep things American Dad related please. I don't mind posts relating to Seth MacFarlane or any of the principal cast of the show, but anything strictly off topic is a no-no.
- Things that can be posted: Icons (max of four preview icons, rest behind a cut or link), screencaps (one cap or preview image allowed, rest behind a cut or link), episode/character/general AD discussions, news, videos, artwork, fanfiction (please post rating and appropriate warnings if needed)
- Community Promotion. Any American Dad community promo is allowed here. As are any communities related to the creator or any of the principal cast, but that's it. Any questions please PM housejackbuilt1
- No posts about downloading episodes. Anybody caught doing this will be banned.
- Be nice. Trolling, flaming or general abuse will not be tolerated. Let's all get along and if you don't like American Dad then please just walk on by. Thank-you!

.about the show & affiliates

"American Dad is about Stan Smith, a CIA agent constantly on the alert for terrorist activity. A real family man, Stan will do anything to protect his family - as evidenced by the terror-alert color code on his fridge, and his frequent knee-jerk reaction of shooting holes in the toaster whenever the toast pops up. He's married to Francine, with two kids, Hayley and Steve. The family is also joined by a sarcastic alien rescued by Stan from Area 51, and a German-talking goldfish (a CIA experiment that went horribly wrong).

AFFILIATES If you'd like to be an affiliate of this community we'd love to have you! Please PM housejackbuilt1 to get things going!

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